Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warhammer Shutting down overseas..

google translate posted:
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Translated excerpt :

"Dear "Warhammer Online" players Hello

To uphold the principles of quality players the game better, "Warhammer Online" in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will be the agent operation June 17, 2010 termination, and information services, and transfer all the players to "Warhammer Online" North American server. To thank the players for your continued support, we will be open free of charge in the smooth operation of the last month of play, and delivery to the U.S. version of each account the number of days a month free offer. Here is "Warhammer Online" shift to the timetable and related measures of simple instructions:
Transfer services? ?U.S. Edition

Warhammer operations in Taiwan and the EA team will provide Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao jointly role players account information and transfer services to the U.S. version, all who have registered "Warhammer Online" the game account of the players, as long as the 4 / 22 to 5 / 20 period, will transferred to the U.S. version of the role of pre-transfer server - Chinese Temple Mount, the system will be 5 / 20, the role of data automatically transferred to the U.S. version of the server and make an account integration. U.S. version of the new server is expected to open in early July.

Player Notes: U.S. version of "Warhammer Online" game to take all the English interface. For the transfer of players in Taiwan will be the sustainable use of the information server to June 17, free game can continue to use the account during the game. However, Taiwan version of the player's account information with the role of the lock will be on May 20, the U.S. version of the role of the state after the resumption of account will also be on May 20 shall prevail.
? ?Free game time

Operations team will also 5 / 20 after the stop point deduction to 6 / 16 games during free time, so that all who have registered "Warhammer Online" the game account of the old players free access to the "Warhammer Online" the game.

Player Notes: Free game time, game progress will not be transferred to the U.S. version. Account information and role players will be locked on May 20, restart the server account on the new role of the state after May 20 will also be subject to.
?Schedule? transfer service

* 04/22 open transfer all server roles
* 04/22 Warhammer goods shelves
* 05/06 to stop stored value
* 05/20 stop point deduction
* 05/24 points conversion applications open
* 06/17 All services offline

Finally thank you once again the player to "Warhammer Online" has long been supported also expect to continue in the U.S. version of your journey, thank you!

"Warhammer Online" Sincerely, trading team

Are we to see this same fate in the states? when will the dev team finally see what we are constantly telling them? If they want this game to survive, it needs to have an oRvR focus.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New oRvR currancy Changes.. Gear Cost.

Wow, mythic gone and done it.. they took their SC reward system, and turned open RvR just as backwards as it.

New Cost as follows

Sovereign Gear
Chest: 550 Officer / 175 Royal
Helm: 390 Officer / 125 Royal
Cloak: 450 Oficer / 150 Royal
Shoulders: 360 Officer / 100 Royal
Belt: 210 Officer / 25 Royal
Gem: 150 Offcier / 5 Royal
Boots: 330 Officer / 75 Royal
Gloves: 270 Officer / 50 Royal

Warlord Gear
Chest: 510 Officer / 95 Warlord
Helm: 450 Officer / 80 Warlord
Shoulders: 390 Officer / 65 Warlord
Belt: 210 Officer / 20 Warlord
Gem: 150 Offcier / 5 Warlord
Boots: 330 Officer / 50 Warlord
Gloves: 270 Officer / 35 Warlord

Invader Gear
Chest: 335 Officer / 95 Invader
Helm: 295 Officer / 80 Invader
Shoulders: 255 Officer / 65 Invader
Belt: 120 Officer / 20 Invader
Boots: 215 Officer / 50 Invader
Gloves: 175 Officer / 35 Invader

Thursday, April 15, 2010

RvR Influence & the Insignia Extermination.

The introduction of the Scenario Focused Rewards has created negative outcome in the overall state of the game. Players are forced into a Grind to earn the Scenario Only insignia currency. Which creates rift in the RvR lakes that players just don’t have the incentive enough to close.

If we take a look back to Patch 1.1A that introduced Open RvR incentives. It added a system that encouraged and drove players to flood the RvR lakes in order to earn those rewards. The influence rewards at the time rewarded players for taking part in the open RvR lakes, until of course you filled your influence bar and the incentive was then removed.

Now we are left with multi incentive systems that yet again, don’t work hand in hand with each other, but instead draw players apart of each aspect of the game. Having to dedicate themselves to one over the other because one has a greater incentive then the other.

Warhammer needs define itself in what it’s content is. If it is indeed a RvR game, then it should reward RvR equally for taking part in RvR. Whether that be from killing players in the Open RvR lakes, to taking keeps and battlefield objectives from the opposing realm, or even from taking part in the PvP action in scenaros.

We need one system that unifies everything. And with that, I propose this idea.

RvR Influence:

A system that rewards the players for doing RvR.

How it works is pretty straight forward. The game currently already has an influence bar in each of it’s RvR lakes. However, each of those Influence Bars are all stand alone, they don’t really work with each other. They promote doing RvR only in that set zone, instead of just doing RvR in any zone, anywhere.

So we need to change influence to a currency. That connects all the RvR a player does, and rewards them for it. Giving Value and worth to the players that play the game.

Now, lets explore and improve the values of inf within the RvR world:

-Player Kills: 100 Inf (diminishing returns as well as divided based on the amount of players engaged on the target)

-Battle Field Objectives: 100Inf Points per BO Tick

-Keeps: Depending on the Keep Level and the amount of Defenders/Attackers determines the value of the inf reward.

-Level 0(unclaimed keep): 50inf

-Level 1(claimed keeps automatically get level1): 100inf

-Level 2: 200 inf

-Level 3: 300 inf

-Level 4: 400 inf

-Level 5: 500 inf

-Level 6: 600 inf

-Level 7: 700 inf

-Level 8: 800 inf

Then based on the amount of defenders/attackers at the keep, will determine the mulitplyer based on the amount of “Stars” on the keep. (attackers and defenders should see different stars. Defenders would see more stars if there are many attackers on the keep. Attackers would see more stars if there are many defenders in the keep)

-1 Star: x1

-2 Star: x2

-3 Star: x3

-4 Star: x4

-5 Star: x5

the RvR influence reward will take place when the keep is won. And the score will be based on

[Keep level] x [ star level] = Inf reward

So a level 6 keeps, that had 5 star defenders would reward the attackers:

[Level 6] x [5star] = 3000 influence Currency.

That gives the basic idea how RvR influence would work In the RvR lakes.

Next step would be to apply RvR influence into the games scenaros:

Currently, you are rewarded Insignias for taking part in scenarios, you get a random number for winning and for losing. And rewarded bonus random Insignias for some other random crap. No one really knows the exact values. We just know, it’s all random. We need to change that, You need to be rewarded for not only winning, but for your effort to putting some points on the board.

As stated before Player kills are still and always will be worth 100inf and divided based on how many attackers were engaged on the target. So keep that in mind when doing the scenario math. That is you work on killing players. You get rewarded for killing players.

And also, the final score your team has in the scenario will determine your realms overall Inf score per person. If your realm is the Winning realm, you will gain x2 your teams final SC score.

So if you are playing serpents passage and your realm loses the SC with a score of 350, everyone in the losing team will gain 350 Inf. If your team wins the SC with 460 score. Your realm will gain [460] x 2[Win multiplier] = 920 Influence per person.

Now that we have those base values out the way, lets adjust the currency cost for all the Scenario Weapons, and just called them RvR weapons.

Example A:

1hander Weapon of RR34 currently cost 335 Officer insignias. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 33500 Influence.

2hander Weapon of RR34 currently cost 670 Officer insignias. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 67000 Influence.

Example B:

1hander Weapon of RR45 currently cost 555 Officer Insignia, and 320 Conq Insignia. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 87500 Influence. (adding up the officer and conq insignia cost together to determine the cost of the actual item.

With that solution in place for the RvR weapons, we can now apply the same solution for RvR Armor Sets.

Example C:

Annihilator Armor current total cost of Officer Crest: 650 Officer Crest

-Boots: 90 Officer Crest

-Gloves: 50 Officer Crest

-Shoulders: 130 Officer Crest

-Helm: 170 Officer Crest

-Chest: 210 Officer Crest

Under the Influence reward system, we can see the price adjustment to follow

Example C1:

Annihilator Armor total cost: 65000 Influence

-Boots: 9000 Influence

-Gloves: 5000 Influence

-Shoulders: 13000 Influence

-Helm: 17000 Influence

-Chest: 21000 Influence

Conq Set would be as Follows

Conq Armor total cost: 123000 Influence

-Boots: 18000 Influence

-Gloves: 13000 Influence

-Shoulders: 23000 Influence

-Helm: 28000 Influence

-Chest: 33000 Influence

-Belt: 8000 Influence

This will help unify all the RvR rewards into an easy to understand system that will allow you the freedom as developers to easily add new gears and items at different rates based on the power of the item.

Now it’s all fine and good, what do we do about the current insignias and current crest in the game today? I also have a great solution for that.

Insignias no longer drop in the game. Ever. And all current insignias can be traded in for a rate (Officer Insignia as the baseline, everything below it gets adjusted accordingly) 100 Influence per insignia.

Crest however, will continue to drop in the game. And act as extra incentive to take part in the games content that officers these Crest. Player kills, Keeps, Forts, City Siege. The difference here, is that These crest retain their value in the Influence conversion.

Example D:

-Officer Crest can be sold to the merchant for 100 Influence

-Conq Crest can be sold to the merchant for 500 Influence

-Invader Crest can be sold to the merchant for 2500 Influence

-Warlord Crest can be sold to the merchant for 12500 Influence

-Royal Crest can be sold to the merchant for 62500 Influence

These changes would be in my opinion a change that would unify all forms of RvR in the game, and allow players to enjoy all aspects of the game, and be rewarded properly for them.

So there you have it mythic, a completely thought out system that closes the rift in the game that much more.


Half Pig, Half Amazing

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Testpigs Old Wishlist

-Fix Horse Mounts: Footsteps are to strong of a sound effect, need to be adjusted

-Add More Mount Types, Have mounts be class specific instead of just race

-Remove Mounts from Scenarios (at least in tier 1 and 2, but i wouldn't mind if they are removed as a whole) Scenarios are supposed to be "balanced" matches. Mounts give an unfair advantage in reaching cap points.

-Server lines going directly through RvR Pools, This is possibly the worst placement, and a fix that will never happen. But can the serverlines be moved so that each RvR lake is in it's stand alone Area. And the serverline is just outside the RvR lakes(near the high walls).

-Map Interface: Allow players to add "point of interest" Or even, just any place that has a name on the map, which you discover, gets labeled on the map. a simple bullet point, with the name of that spot, is all that is needed.

-Fix Travel Between pairings/chapters/warcamps: Give us DAOC style pony rides from Chapter to chapter to warcamp. Traveling right now is the worst possible thing in this game.

-When grouped with someone not in your current zone, please label which zone they are in within their group icon

-Please Add new weapon style Graphics. Even if it's just taking graphics from another races weapon to add to your own. Every single 2handed Axe i use looks exactly the same.

-Make all merchants worth while: any craft items/weapons/armor sold to a merchant(s) should be able to be purchased by the player base from any merchant(sort of like a huge network of stores). This will also give Value to the now worthless Gold we all have.

-Add RvR Quest to Capture Objectives - That reward both XP and Renown

-Remove Siege Weapon NPCs from warcamps, and place them in Objectives. This will give reason to attack and defend objectives. And require objectives to be capped before a keep can "really" be attacked

-Ease up on the Respawn for Guards at all keeps: it's hard enough as is to take a keep, with an insanely hard hero, and a few defenders. Once the Doors are Cracked open, all outside guards should no longer spawn

-Reward the Realm for HOLDING a keep, Add a Merchant that Sells the Bags(or exact items) the Keep Lord would normally drop on death. These bags/items will only appear after a set amount of days/time as pasted.

-Fix the msg stating the Keep lord is under attack, when only 1 patroling guard was killed.

-Fix the map warning to only become active when the keep doors are damaged to 95%

-Please Keep Adding Quest throughout each chapter, more quest the better(this should be a constant thing most MMORPGS don't work on, which is adding more content to the previously created world)

-Fix the XP reward from those "traveling NPC" killing 25 wolfs, getting spider silk, killing a squig, etc etc.. they only reward 150xp. It's alot of bloody walking for just 150xp, you can discover a new location and get more xp then that. Xp should scale as you level for the reward

-Increase the XP for each mob killed(double it please)

-Give some Renown for any Mob killed in RvR lakes(objectives/keeps/random mobs)

-All Named Mobs to all Drop some form of worth while loot.

-Add a Small Scale PQ feature for those areas that are just far out and lonely for the solo exploring player (stage 1, kill 10 kittens, stage 2, kill 4 harder kittens, stage 3, kill the mother of all kittens! (she would be a champ mob, so still able to solo). A nice easy rewarding PQ that you don't need a quest for, and you can repeat it all day.

-All heros mobs to drop 4 Bags of various colors.

-Improve the Warhammeronline website to show more active ingame status, Make the website as indepth as the DAOC website was, with showing top players, top players of set class, top players of set class within set tier, etc etc. we want more details.

-Add Shared Vault between account

-Adjust the Backlash/combustion on the Sorc/bright to proc based on the damage dealt, instead of the theorical damage to be dealt. (so if combustion happens on a dot, % of dot damage per tick instead of doing one major damage at the cast of the dot. Combustion should only happen if damage is dealt and for a % of what is dealt (did i just repeat myself?)

-Add a "buddy list" window, that shows our friends, and also allows us to have seperate conversations with them in it's own window

-Give the option to unlock the character paper doll window. Heck, let all windows/bags be moveable througout the screen

-Change Quest icon colors based on level of quest according to the players level. from purple, red, green, white.

-Add Group Quest, and label them as such(or look below for a nice fix)

-Add Feature "Bonus kill" to All quest, which will require a near by NAMED Champ mob of the same type for certian quest to be killed aswell. This kill would be optional for the player/group. But if defeated, the player/group will gain double the XP reward when handing in the quest.

-Add Kill Collectors For Each type of Mob needed in for Stage 1 PQ's for that Chapter.
So if i have to kill 500 Zombies for Pq 10, there should be a nice Kill Collector XP reward waiting for me when i return to the camp.

-Ultima Online Rune book style Transportation/recall stones. Allow the player base to add "recall stones" to our tome. These stones can be transferred, passed, and sold to players. When you shift+click the stone, it will show you the map marker for where the stone is bounded to. Stones should not be able to be bound to RvR lakes.

-Remove the "loading" screen after death. It wasn't in the beta, so i don't understand why it's currently in the

release. The only reason there should be a loading screen is when going between zones/scenarios. Dying/telephoning within the same zone, should just instantly port over, OR Fade in and out to black.

-In the Temple of Marsh Scenario(tier 2) Please change the rules of engagement, that the points for holding the

relic is only scored as the relic remains held in the center region of the map (king of the hill style). Adjust the center building so that is has tunnel paths within it so it promotes more intense combat. Currently, each realm just runs back to their spawn points, so they get a constant influx of reinforcements. Not fun, nor balanced.

-The option to Hide armor parts (and have it be a global visible change). So i can for example, hide my left shoulder guard. So everyone just sees me as having 1 shoulder. or one boot, or one glove, or no glove visible.

-Shorten log out/quit timer when in a "safe" zone(anywhere you get rested from).

-Objectives: Fluff: cool factor, Please have objectives tie into seige.
example: Barak Varr (Dok Karaz) keep.


-Iron Clad: Has a large cannon, When the attacking realm controls the Iron Clad, the cannon will turn, and aim towards the keep
-Ligth House: Has a huge light beam. when the attacking realm controls the light house, the light beam will shine towards the keep.
When both of these objectives are under control of the attacking realm, They will point the light at the keep, as a target beacon. And the iron clad, will fire it's cannon at the keep. Bringing the door down to 25%, and all counter seige attached to the keep down to 25%.
When the defending realm controls both light house and iron clad. The cannon will fire AOE damage at all the seige pads on the floor. doing 25% damage each attack. The cannon would fire once every 5 mins.

Seige Weapons
-Allow us to still see our warband/group health status while running seige

-Allow us to still use/view the chat when on seige

Startup Screen
-Change the way the Startup screen works, so that you can see All your characters per server instead of just the 1. It's a wasted Step in the login process, i might not want to play the LAST char i played, just show them all to me, with a quicker login method.

-improve logout/quit perfmance. If i want to quit, it should take 10 seconds max of "countdown timer" and it should quit. It shouldn't hang for another 45 seconds.

-Logout should take 10 seconds (5 seconds if in a safe zone).

-Navigation between Server Select Screen, Character Select Screen needs to have a better flow, right now, all those screens seem rushed. If you can laythings out better to lessen the ammount of steps needed to finally get to play would be helpful. Have the Server list, on the same screen as the Char select screen. Server list to the Lefthand side, you click on the server, it shows your characters on the right. You click one and play.

-Reduce the total server count by 50%. far to many servers. Increase server caps! Daoc was able to have like 3000 players per server.

-Add Renown Items for each level of Renown.

-kill collectors should collect player kills aswell. So you show up with 1000 player kills.. you get a nice nice chuck of xp from it.

-GROUPING XP, remove the XP reduction when joining a group. Allow players to retain full XP when killing a mob in a group. If a mob is worth 500xp, allow the player and each player in the group, to gain 500xp, instead of dividing the XP between the 6 group members, forcing them each to only gain 83xp. If you fix XP gains, you will have more players grouping, and more players actually taking part in PQ's. Players are avoiding PQ's because 1: you are reqired to have a group to complete it. 2: you get less XP when in a group. 3: famring 150 mobs solo is not fun.

So if you just remove the XP block more players will group, more players will do PQ's more players will enjoy the game. Currently this game feels very much like a solo MMORPG.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Phoenix Gate

Andy wrote:

We've mentioned in previous posts that we are considering and open to adjusting the rulesets of various Scenarios for our Weekend Warfront events. These adjustments may come in the form of total ruleset changes or, in the case of this weekend's Warfront: Battle at the Gate, in the form of small tweaks.

This weekend you'll notice that we've made a small adjustment to the Phoenix Gate Scenario. Player kills will no longer count toward Scenario Win points. In order to accrue points for the Scenario win, players will have to successfully capture their enemies flag at either their Capture point near the friendly flag (150 pts) or at the Bridge Drop Off point when it is available (25 pts).

This small change will have a noticeable impact on the way that the Phoenix Gate Scenario is played. We believe that this will focus players more on the objectives if they wish to maximise their rewards and be a refreshing change of pace for all players involved.

Of course we want your feedback on these Scenario tweaks, so please take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • Does this change makes the Phoenix Gate Scenario more enjoyable for you? Why?
  • Do you feel this change accomodates many playstyles?
  • Do you feel as though the rewards are appropriate for this change to the Scenario?

I decided to go a bit more in-depth on the topic then the mythic official forum police would allow.
  • Does this change makes the Phoenix Gate Scenario more enjoyable for you? Why?
    Yes, it brings the focus to the objectives instead of player farming. The battles of player vrs player end up being the result of the objectives if properly implemented.
  • Do you feel this change accomodates many playstyles?
  • Do you feel as though the rewards are appropriate for this change to the Scenario?
    This should happen throughout all scenarios and also applied to Open RvR. Reducing/removing the player skirmish will promote the "losing" realm to actually TRY to take objectives back in open RvR. Please learn from this change, if you want players to fight for something, you need to not punish them for trying. giving skirmish points in open RvR and Scenaros punishes the players for trying and failing. Don't get me wrong, they need not be rewarded for failing, but they need to not be punished for failing. Failing already is enough of a punishment.
    So please, remove skirmish from RvR zone control. Remove SCs from RvR zone control. Just have RvR zone control be the open Rvr objectives.(generating points for controling them). Or just view the podcast feedback
    On top of all this, you really need to rethink the rewards for scoring points. Perhaps for every 100 points in the Sc you are rewarded 1 officer insignia, if your realm WINS the sc you are rewarded 2x total insiginas. (of course it would be a better system if it use the influence points for RvR as a whole, but that is a topic for another day).
    Having the game score reward more for a higher score and win would result in less player farming at the spawn camp, and more trying to complete the objective. Which we will see players trying to finish SCs sooner with 500 points instead of just feeding for 500 points from player kills. Also it would indeed punish players that spawn camp for 15 mins instead of running the part do to not earning any insignias.
    Maybe you can also add another bonus mulitplyer reward if the SC has a victory before the 15 mins, maybe at the 5 min 10 min and 15 min marker offer different rewards. maybe at 5mins SC finish offer 3x the Upper tier insignia, at 10 mins offer 2x the upper tier insignia, at 15min offer 1x the upper tier insignia.
    What we see here is another example of how Mythic doesn't explore the end result of the changes they make. If they posted this change to the public before implementing it, then perhaps we the gamers would have told them that the SC would turn ino 15 mins of Spawn Camp renown farming. Then maybe (i doubt) they would have added a system to counter that mechanic, or at the very least adjust it in a way so that you don't earn Renown until the SC is finished, and your total Renown pooled up isn't earn until you have a 500 point victory. Now thats just me ranting on a random idea which i myself haven't even thought out fully.

    All in all i'm glad mythic is making adjustments to a SC, i'm not just glad that we are paying monthly fees to beta test a game.

2010 Video Feedback podcast!


When did this become standard in the MMO world? Back in the day of great MMOs you didn’t have BOP.It was either you can use it, pass it, or it was Bind on Equip. And with BOE it was understandable. It was reasonable. There was no reason why one toon should tweak the heck out of another that has not worked for that same item.

Warhammer uses the BOP as one of the greatest insults to the player base. Not only do you spend 5 hours of your life grinding away at some elite 6 man dungeon. But chances of one of the epic armor pieces dropping for one of the classes actually in group are slim. Sure the armor piece itse;f is a guaranteed drop, which is great, it’s just not a guaranteed drop for anyone in you group to use. Which is bad.

We come out of the dungeon 5 hours older with nothing to show for it, but a few grey hairs and a new hatred for the PvE content in the game.

What could be done to make this less frustrating? So that the game is not just about giving away gear to everyone, but actually rewarding the players that complete the games content properly? Well it’s sort of simple really.. the game already has gear sets coded with the same idea that requires a player to work and earn the right the equip the gear before they can use it. RvR gear has this rule set already applied. Where as player can own an invader chest, but can’t equip it until they are the proper renown rank.

We accept this rule, we like this rule. It makes sense.. the ends justifies the means.

So why not apply this same rule to PvE gear? Remove the Bind on Pickup aspect on everything, and simply tie in equipping the armor to killing the EPIC boss mob that drops it.

So not only are players no longer frustrated with the fact that they didn’t get the gear drop, but they are now able to sell the piece they acquired to help in creating some form of economy in game. Everyone wins!

RvR, PvP, Scenarios, public quest, basic PvE, nearly everything in this game allows the player to recover, to get back into the fight, that if the player dies, he can be brough back to life and recover in the battle. It’s part of the skill of a healer to be able to keep the heals going, and bring a fallen party member back into action.

Mistakes happen, either on the players end, or on the games coding end, it’s a video game it should be about players enjoyment, and the challenge of the encounter. Creating a system that requires the players to perform the encounter perfectly without fault or error just widens the frustration and hatred the player base has for these Epic Encounters.

Allow players to to Resurrect during this encounters once again, allow us to enjoy the game.

Never have I felt so alone in a MMO. From level 1 until 40, not a single group formed to do the public quest, or to do any low end dungeons with. It’s not that the game isn’t designed to easily acquire or join those groups. it’s not because solo play is more rewarding then group play. Although it may seem that may be the case. It’s actually because group play is not rewarding at all, but instead a punishment to the player. The diminishing returns on XP/RP/COIN the moment you enter into a party hinders your characters advancement.

Allow the XP/RP/Coint hit once in a group to be to be adjusted to a mere -5% per party member added to the group. So a full party would have a -25% xp reduction rewarded.

Battle Field Objectives Tier 4 Design:
What happened here? Lack of recourses? Not enough staff? No time? The games design progression within the RvR lakes went from simplistic (as it should) to an offensive open battle design in t2, then to a tactical defensive design in t3, then to a flaming bag of cow poop simplistic design in t4. Where combat was no longer about tactical positioning or strategic thinking. It was mass or be massed. Zerg or be Zerged.

All the critical thinking from tier 3 tossed out the window, and the small group was no longer viable in the open field RvR. This is the problem with t4, this is why players are so disappointed with the t4 RvR.

Go to High Pass in the empire pairing, look at the battle field objectives. The Tavern, the Manor, the Tower.. all objectives that if defended can actually be defended with smaller numbers. That each battle at this objectives are design to be epic battles.

Now on the other side of the spectrum look at the T4 BO designs. Where the tactical option is to simply stand in the open.

The t4 design is not a hybrid of what we learned from t2 and t3.. it’s simply and purely mindless Mass on Mass battles.

But don’t just take a BO and stick a tower in it. Rethink this objectives, and multi choke points instead of just 1. If there is anything we learned from the keep redesign, it’s that 1 choke point is bad..3 choke points is good. Make the game more of a balance between defense and offense.

Why is is so useless? Why does it not seem as effective as it did in t2? Or t3? Why is siege so easily ignored? Why do players not use anything other then Rams?
There once was a time when some of these siege weaponry did matter When Oil was still a devastating defensive weapon of war. When the renown abilities would actually work on all siege, allowing players to figure out new tactical possibilities in order to slow down the progression of overwhelming odds. Increase the damage, increase the rate of fire just an overall improvement for the defenders.

While we are on the subject of siege, why must they all share the same basic look? Why should a normal siege engine look exactly the same as a bulky siege engine, or even a exceptional siege engine?

Lets get creative, lets have fun with our siege. Lets change the graphic for the exceptional siege to something designed for each race. For example, the greenskins could have a giant or a cave troll for the ram graphic. Empire could have the steam tank, dwarf could have a huge iron golum. Etc etc, it just adds to the war, to let the players know that the keep is being hit heavy.

While we are on it, lets also change the readout on keep doors, lets show the damage on the keep doors every 25%.

Victory Points & Zone Domination
Fix VP, get rid of ZD. Have keeps and BO generate Victory points over time, boom, done. Only allow zones to lock if all 4 BOs and both keeps are under one realms control.



The removal of forts was possibly one of the biggest mistakes mythic has ever brought upon the game. And it continues to plague the game, causing end game content to be trivial.

Bring back forts, but just not the forts we had to deal with. Add a 2nd ramp to the lord room so the fort gains the same improvements as the keeps. Reduce the constant respawn on champ guards and make the respawn rate tie more in lines with the respawn rate on guards in a keep.

Allow players to be rezed in the fort lord battle once again, following the same ruleset as the epic encounter section.

And finally, tie in the forts with the UD system. So that is a realm has +1UD points, they get to defend 1 fort, if they have +2 UD points, they get to defend 2 forts before the opposing realm can access to the city. It’s simple, it makes sense.

No, I don’t want more useless capital cities, aldorf and IC already fill that need. What I do want is more epic end game content design for more then 6 players at a time. Dungeons such as Gunbad, and basitan stairs were great, you can go into them with a warband or 2 of players, and have a great time as a guild. (of course it sucked having to do the bosses with only 6 men). So that’s what I want to see, 2 epic dungeons, each one which can be invaded. Each one that are as fun as hunters vale, but designed for a warband of players to enter. Having custom PQ style quest, and rewards that match the challenge.

To much of this game epic content is focused around the elite 6 man team. We need to do away with this idea if we want to bring forth a stronger games community. Allow warbands into the 6 man instances, don’t increase the loot count, just increase our fun. Let us play this game together. Instead of just 6 of us at a time.


Land of the dead did something cool.. it added a world boss for us to gasp at. This same kind of thing should be added to each pairing. A large random lord spawn that happens anywhere within the pairing, at anytime. It could spawn at the outer walls of a keep during a keep siege. Or it could just spawn on a bridge just in Dragon wake. Waiting to take players lives. Lets start having some epic content in the open field for your player base mythic, let us want to love this game.

1.3.4 Scenario Rewards Feedback

No fancy Video Podcast this time around folks.


It’s great that you the developers are finally taking strides to have an open means of communication with your player base. However, there still seems to remain a large disconnect in the content you are providing and the way you are providing it. And a lack of improvements to systems created long ago, which in turn are causing many of the issues we see today in 1.3.4.

Instead of taking the old systems already embedded in the game and improving them, you constantly seem to add additional mechanisms that don’t flow or work hand in hand with anything previously designed into the game.

In 1.3.4 you decided to create yet another currency system. This one to try to create a greater desire for players to engage on Scenario content and earn some High end RvR based weapons in the process. While it’s all fine and good. To want players to part take in different aspects of the game. Going about it in a way which completely requires the player to abandon every other aspect of the game and grind out scenario after scenario in order to attain those much needed and somewhat required weapons is not enjoyable.

Do to the systems design, players are left confused, and frustrated with the game as a whole. Speaking as someone from a very active and strong guild on the iron rock server. Whose focus point is OPEN RVR. We are finding ourselves alone out in the lakes. With all the combat happening in the Scenarios which we do not enjoy, we find ourselves drifting further and further away from the game.

Lets work on a solution to the current insignia system, while at the same time improving an already developed system in the game.

First lets look at what is the current system and rewards for Open RvR and Scenario RvR.


-Fused Insignias(random value of 1-3) + Officers Insignias(value based on end score of sc)

-XP Reward

-RP Reward

-Crest From player drops

Open RvR

-Influence from player kills ( tied to pairing )

-Influence from keeps and Bos (tied to pairing)

-Crest from Keeps

-Armor from Keeps

-Crest from Players



Now what can we do to make a perfect system that is intergrated perfectly and smoothly within both systems, but yet still allows a player to get rewarded from Scs? It’s so simple really.

New and Improved RvR Influence System!

First we remove(convert) the current insignias in the game to each be worth 100 Influence Points. The higher the Insignia, the more it is worth(until they are completely removed from the game, but this is just the transitions effect.

Next, we no longer have an Influence bar, but yet it’s a form of currency that is constantly building up from all things you do in RvR just like now, except it has no cap, and is not tied down to any specific pairing. So as you kill players, take Bos, take keeps, lock zones, do scenarios, you earn influence points. Different things yield different values of influence.

Keeps: Depending on keep Level AND 5 star rating(determines how defended the keep is)

-Level 0: 50

-Level 1: 100

-Level 2: 200

-Level 3: 300

-Level 4: 400

-Level 5: 600

-Level 7: 700

-Level 8: 800

*x1 Influence Per star on the keep. (Based on how many stars on a keep, will multiply the[ inf ] x [ star ]. level 4 keep(400 inf) x 3x star Def = 2000 inf

Battlefield Objective: Per Tick inf reward

100 For Cap, 100 for Lock

Player kills would still be worth what they are currently worth(which gets divided base on how many players are engaged on the target in the fight etc etc).


-Influence Rewards are based on the final end score of a Scenario.

-Wining Realm gets 2x their final Score. (so if a realm wins a SC with 500, they will be rewarded 1000 influence points)

-Losing Realm gets 1x their final Score.

-Player kills are still worth the same inf value as in open RvR

Now that we have the means of which players earn RvR influence we can now finalize the system by making all the RvR weapons(and current Influence weapons, items and armor) all appear on a RvR Influence Rewards Merchant.

All gear has Renown Ranks attached to them, and based on the level of the weapon determines how much influence points it cost to perchance the items. These items should remain costly. But just not AS costly.

All gear can be sold back to the NPC for 50% of the total influence points it was worth(this allows for players to still work towards upgrades at a reduced rate.

I feel this would be the perfect solution to the mistakes created with 1.3.4 and still allows the player base to take a large part in ALL things RvR related, and be rewarded equally for taking part in the games content, and not having to focus down on 1 aspect of the game in order to advance.

Hear my plea mythic, please for the love of the game, and for the love of your player base, Make changes to the game which welcomes us to WANT TO KEEP PLAYING!.

War.. what is it good for?

Hello Mythic, and the Forum community,

This is not going to be a rant on the short comings of war, but instead give mythic insight as to how I (the player base) feel towards certain aspects of the game, which seem to fall short. And also, simple, very simple changes which can in my opinion can really put Warhammer online on the right track to make it a game the player base(myself) want to enjoy.

Some of you know my history with the game, and the company, being one of the first original Core Testers back when this game was… well not even considered a game. And during those days of beta, many things were changed for the better, but many things were not changed at all. And those things, are the core fundamental problems the game is facing today. What are these problems? What are these game elements that just seem to constantly drop the ball, and causing this game to bleed players on a daily basis? It’s not what most players think it is honestly. It’s not game balance that causes players to quit, heck, it’s not even population balance.. or the lack of a 3rd realm. DAOC had tons of player balance problems, and population problems, but it still prospered. So what are the true issues in war that need to be adjusted? In my opinion, they are as follows:

-Solo Play Vrs Group Play
-Unwelcome Time Sinks
-The Campaign and End Game

Now you must be thinking… whoa! Testpig.. you are out of your mind. What about everything you constantly complain about? Are you saying all those issues you posted are not valid?! Not at all folks, all those issues are based off either one of those 3 problems.

Solo Play vs. Group Play
Lets start basic, ground level, the foundation of all Massive Multiplayer online games. What all MMOS are about, Multiplayer. Playing with other players, not playing alone. This is by far the biggest mark that mythic has missed within it’s game. Warhammer online, feels like a single player game. You go from level 1-40, solo. It’s not that we as players don’t want to group up, we most certainly do, however, when a game, punishes the player base with such a large XP reduction hit when grouped, it makes you feel as grouping is just a hindrance, instead of something to seek out. When I can gain far more from being alone over grouped, why should I as a player.. ever group up? That mindset is one created from War, and might be the core reason why this game is lacking.

Do to the punishment of group, it branches off into other areas of game play which would be great features, such as gunbad, bastin stairs, and public quest. The game is riddled with Public Quest, in all shapes and form, scaling from easy, to hard. Mythic recently made changes to these PQs to allow them to require less players. However the player base still refuses to do them.. why? Because we are still punished for grouping. The XP gain is already to low per mob kill or a player when he is solo, it is by far less when he is grouped.

Back in beta, and in early release. Mythic had a great simple feature built into the game, that actually promoted grouping, and due to it promoting grouping, it actually also promoted players to engage on the games content of public quest. It was the Combo Kill System, the more you killed, the faster you killed, the more your xp % rate would improve per kill, allowing you as a group, to really pull in some nice xp gain. Players would actively seek out groups, and actively move towards PQs. Mythc, turn this feature back on. Raise the XP value per mob. Raise the coin Value per mob, Reduce the XP hit when grouped.

Unwelcome Time Sinks
I understand that mmos do need Time sinks. However, there are time sinks that have worth, to enhance the game play experience, and time sinks that do nothing but discourage the player base. The time sinks in war are some of the most punishing to any player/customer for any game, ever. BOP , and lockout timers.

If you really want to keep the player base active and engaged on your game, allow them to play it, allow them to enjoy it. The time sink should not be the lockout, the denial of game content that we as players and customers are paying for. The Time sink should be the 30 mins, 1hour, 3 hours it takes to complete a dungeon. Not 8 hour, 3 day, 5 day lock out timer. Why would you do that to your player base mythic? Why would you punish your customers for taking part in your games content. Then on top of a 5 day lockout, having the items that drop, be Bind On Pickup. There is no value or use for that. This is just shooting yourselves in the foot, by removing something which can keep the in games economy flowing.

Not really a lot needs to be stated as the solution for this but. Remove Lockout Timers on Dungeons/boss encounters/lairs. Allow players to repeat a dungeon as many times as they want, back to back to back. Allow the time sink to be the time it takes to finish the dungeon. Remove the Bind on Pickup on weapons, armor sets, and items. Allow the player base to trade/sell these items to each other, and start some for of in game economy.
The Campaign and End Game
The big picture. Why we do what we do. This is where everything everyone does, is for the greater good of the realm. To drive the campaign, to win, however.. does it actually accomplish those goals? And if it does, are we aware of it? Which is the next major issue. Lack of Reason, and lack of result. Each Tier our goal is to, control the objectives, finish some quest, kill some players, win some scenarios. Half of our objectives are based on the other team showing up to the fight (still). Where in some cases, mostly in many cases(larger do to how land of the dead functions) there is no one to fight, and the players are forced to wait a 2 hour time sink for the zone to flip. There is no Skirmish fights happening, and no scenarios popping. So the zone control mechanic which seemed to function in t1, no longer works in t4.

Mythic, you need to rethink the zone control mechanic as a whole, I wont go into details on this, being that I already made 2 pod cast on how to fix it. ( ) in a nut shell. Giving set value VP to each PQ/Quest/Kill/SC victory. Each time you finish, you earn points. Keeps and BOs generate points as you control them. Eventually the zone flips. You can have the zone flip faster, by earning more points by doing more quest and pqs. It’s simple. But I digress. Zone Domination needs to be removed, and the Victory point system needs to be Fixed.

Reason, and result.

We need reason to lock zones, and we need to see results for the realm. In each tier. The campaign needs to be tied together, so the players don’t feel a constant disconnect. However, there needs to be a major independence of each teir.. t4 should not rely on t3, however, t3 can help t4. Why bother locking a zone in t1? What does it do for your realm? What does it do to the opposing realm? The answer… nothing. Same can be said for any zone that locks in any tier. A realm needs to see a reason.

When, a realm locks a zone. All the epic guards at the losing warcamp despawn. The players can now engage the enemies warcamp. Killing the warcamp boss, and rewarding all the players with 2 crest of the tier above. Also, all enemies within the zone become flagged. (allowing players to engage them within the PvE zones)
End Game Content/Dungeons.
Hands down, needs to be more player friendly. Not saying easier. Saying accessible. Right now, the games content is designed around 6 players. Where as even in dungeon runs such as gunbad and bastin stairs, which you travel around as a warband+, you are forced to leave players out, and only engage with 6. This is discouraging to the players, this is not enjoyable. We want to enjoy this game and content, fighting epic monsters as a group/party/warband/guild/alliance.. we want that under geared player to be 2 shooted, and have a good chuckle over it. Leave a margin for error on epic encounters, remove the enrage timers, let us mess up, recover, res. There is no reason why we have to do each encounter in this game “perfect” without any player deaths. Please allow players to resurrect during hero/lord fights once again.

Lets use Lost Vale for all examples(but please base the ideas I’m using on lost vale for ALL instance dungeons). Firstly, remove lockout timers(as stated in the time sink section). 2nd, allow us to bring up to 24 players into these dungeons. As a result, increase the give a damage output boost to all mobs up to 15% per added group, so if 6 players are in the dungeon.. it’s normal. If 7-12 show up, mobs hit 15% harder, if 13-18 show up, mobs hit 30% harder, if 19-24 show up, mobs hit 45% harder. This allows you to not have to make new content, but allows more players to take part in the current content you have

Open RvR, Objective Value:
In Open RvR, objectives are more of a hindrance then something of value and worth, we don’t really want to control them, we simply have to control them, they don’t provide anything for the realm, but another target the enemy realm has to ruin zone domination timers. These objectives can be so much more, if you already seen the pod cast, you’ll get an understand of the global value of these objectives. But what about value, in the hit of combat.. something that even if the your realm is attacking a keep, you will still want control over the near by objectives for.

Solution/idea: Epic Siege Monsters.
When your realm controls a BO, the players can pick up the flag from the BO, and bring it to a nearby keep, place the flag at the keep, and it will summon random NPCs to assist on the attack.. from cave trolls to bang on the door, a flight of elven arches to rain the keep with arrows. Undead creatures being raised from the dead, beneath the keep the engage the players within, or a large dragon that flys around above, landing on the ground to attack. Once the epic siege monster dies, it takes 5 mins for the flag to respawn until they can summon another one. If the defenders get the flag, they can set it up inside the keep, and the same things will happen, but towards the attackers.

End Game City Siege:
The biggest mark missed by mythic, and the latest state of the game, shows that they still don’t understand what the players want. Currently stage 1 puts the 48 players vs. another 48 players in an epic show down to kill each other, after then kill each other, and burn about 50 useless objects, they need to kill a epic lord, with 4 epic heroes, while also trying to kill the 48 players protecting him. How do does this sound like fun for the attacking realm? How is adding the more Players in each stage of the city siege encounter, making it more fun? It’s actually the COMPLETE opposite.

Remove the PvE aspect from stage 1. Put 3 objectives that generate VP. Whoever controls those objectives, earn more VP. No need to have any complex epic boss running around. Just let players fight each other at objectives. Control the objectives, and win. Simple. Allow stage 2 to have some Heroes running around.. but don’t make them epic lords that do 30k attacks. Nothing in this game should do 30k damage. Give the winners the means to kick the losers out. And when the losers are out of the city siege, give them the option to fight their way back in. By retaking the downed forts.

Bop and Boe/ Loot / lockout timers

Bind on pickup should be look at, if dungeon timers don't get removed. The game is designed to constantly run the same dungeon over and over again, without getting anything out of it. You get gear drops for classes not in your party, gear drops that are not repearable. And the worst part of it.. it's bind on pickup. Nothing we can do with it, but junk it.. or sell it for about 2 silver. Based on the understandable need for lockout timers(to stop people from farming).. having the loot system the way it currently is, does not encourage or reward players for the ammount of time and effort they put into the games content. The means does not in anyway equal the reward.

Using Lost Vale as an example: Lets Remove the Bind of Pickup for all the gear in the dungeon, HOWEVER, make it so that in order for a player to wear any piece of armor or weapon from that dungeon, the player must have a kill credit for the boss mob which drop that gear. So if a 6 man group, does lost vale, and kills N'kari, but she only drops a shadowwarrior BP, and there are not shadow warriors in the group. The players can then put that 1 BP item on the auction house.. or give it to a guild member. The person that purchases or recives it, will not be able to equip it UNLESS they have killed N'kari in the past. This solution allows everyone to actually gain something from the effort they put into the dungeon. And Please before you think the market will be flooded with DP gear.. concider the requirements in order to get the gear. 6 to 1 ratio.. you will still need 6 people to get that 1 item. the dungeon still has lockout timers, so it wont be on farm mode. More players would actually do the dungeon more often, knowing that they can still get credit, and still sell the item that drop. Overall less frustration to the playerbase. And yet, still rewarding.

Dungeon Mechanics.

-Dungeon that is able to complete with just 6 players

-Dungeon that scales from 6-24 players based on how many groups enter the instance together

-Dungeon that is fast pace, not 100 slow epic encounter pulls

-Dungeon that has no level restrictions

-Dungeon that has no need for Wards

-Dungeon that the mobs levels increase the deeper you go in.. from 40-50(60?)

-Dungeon that lets you REZ during boss fights

-Dungeon that the bosses do not "instant" kill you for not playing "perfect"(by design)

-Dungeon that gives the same level gear as Hunters Vale

-Dungeon that has no lockout timer

-Dungeon that is fun

-Dungeon that is Designed from the Cities that did not make it into the game (4 dungeons themed after each city)

-Dunegon that has it's gear and items and graphic armor sets designed to make the theme of the dungeon

-Dungeon that the only way to enter.. is via control over the New Fortress

Victory Points & Zone Domination, Open RvR



Sorry in advance if the audio is a tad low.



Hello, and welcome to a video podcast on warhammer online. The goal of this podcast is to show, explain, and promote a positive and constructive change to Warhammer online Age of Reckoning.

In this video, we are going to discuss a 2 Major Changes that can change warhammer online into the Great Game we all want it to be.



lets begin.

What is it, and how can we make it better?
Currently(patch 1.2), Victory Points are based off some crazy percentage of PvE content (quest & public quest) Scenarios, Skirmish Kills in Open RvR and Battlefield Objectives(such as keeps and BOs).
This method tends to discourage players do to not giving static numbers to inform them if they are contributing to the Victory Points of the realm.
It also tends to makes to many of the methods used to “lock” a zone a tedious and in many cases an unrewarding time-sink. Such as ZONE DOMINATION, which requires constant unrewarding vigilance for a minimum of 2 hours, in a zone which can be long abandoned.

We all know the issue, waiting inactively(not being able to do PQ,s turn in Quest, Join Scenarios, to push the VP bar)for the final Keep to tick down with the Zone Domination timer. Just to have a Small group of the opposing realm to Contest a Battlefield Objective that was slightly undefended. Whats worst, is even if they don’t capture the Objective, and just place it in an contested state, the Zone Domination timer, STILL reset to 30 mins. Victory point system, and Zone domination, work in complete oppsite ways of each other to complete the same goal. It’s like Traveling the World West, just to get East. When you just could have went East to start off with.

This is not fun, this is not war.

Now, How can we make it better? First we need to Make Victory Points important again, and also change the definition of Zone Domination. Allowing them to work together side by side, for the common goal. Also need to assign values to anything a player will do with a set number. So the player knows that they have just contributed to the VP of the realm. Lets Break it down.

The Victory Point Value for allowing Zone Domination to take place is
1000 Victory Points

There are many things the player can do to earn VP in order to reach 1000, PQ’s, Quest, Skirmish kills, Scenario Victories, Keeps, and BOs.

Each of these will have a set value. Each time they are successful.
Quest: 1VP
PQS: 2VP 4VP 8VP (based on the challenge of the PQ)


So as you progress in the game, within a contested zone, engaging on all of the aspects of the games content, from PvE, to RvR, you will notice the VP BAR adding up, everything all the players are doing, and rewarding the realm with victory points. This brings back the method of WAR IS EVERYWHERE. Each and every player is contributing to the war effort.

That gives you the basic VP value and how to acquire it, now lets get into GENERATING VP, This is the Big. The VP that you throw all your marbles into, Open RvR Keep and BO control.

Lets go back, to the baseline of needing 1000 Victory Point for Zone Domination to even be Triggered(keep in mind we are changing the definition of ZD).

Lets also start off with a Clean Slate in a freshly contested zone. Each Realm controls 1 keep, and Zero Bo’s

And for discussion purposes, to make this process easier to understand, we will just focus on 1 keep, and lets say it’s control by Order.

ORDER has 180VP. For controlling the keep

Over time, that keep will start to generate Victory Points(Less VP if not claimed). Every 10 mins, that claimed keep will produce 5VP for the realm that controls it. For a MAX of 70VP generated ( 2hours 20min of VP generation time) making the keep value after 2hours and 20mins worth 250vp for the controlling Realm.

Now if Destruction, comes around, and bangs on those doors, captures, and claims that keep. Destruction now gains 180VP(the keeps core VP value), and order drops to 70VP.

However, that 70 VP is bound to the ownership of the keep, so, every 10 mins, destruction will gain 5VP. And order will Lose 5vp every 10 mins.

The same properties apply to Battle Field Objectives, the only difference is that the core value for each BO is 60vp with a max value of 130vp.

Now that we got an adjustment made to the Victory Point system, lets see how Redefining Zone Domination works along side Victory Points.

Zone Domination: Currently means, waiting 2 hours after you have captured all the Keeps and Objectives in the RvR lake, in order to flip the zone. How we redefine it is simple.

Zone domination: Having Control of All keeps, and BO’s with a VP score of 1000. And also, the ONLY way to lock a zone.

This means, you are required to have 1000 victory points, AND control over each Battle Field Objective, and Keep. Which will trigger zone domination to take effect, and thus, locking the zone in favor of your realm.

To note, even if you have 1000 VP, but still don’t control all the Objectives, or Keeps, the zone will never lock in your realms favor. You are required to Capture everything. This allows BOs to have much more defined value then ever before.

This proposed method of Victory Points and Zone domination will be the first step in improving the idea of WAR IS EVERYWHERE, and warhammer online as a whole.

PART 2 will discuss, open RVR incentive, Objective Control, Relics of Power


post feedback on how to improve the VP system...

post feedback on the video..

just to add: with this propsed method of VP, a realm can still cap the zone with just controlling the keeps and BOs for a prolong prd of time(just like zone domination) view the math below

After 2 hour (120 mins) a realm that
control both keeps and all 4 bos[ if they took each objective perfectly
at the same time that is] Would have a total of:

[b]240(keep 1) + 240(keep 2) + 120(bo1) + 120(bo2) + 120(bo3)+ 120(bo4) = 960 VP[/b]

Welcome back, i hope you enjoyed the last video.
The changes proposed in this podcast will closely relate to the changes posted in the previous video. They work hand in hand with each other to improve the game as a whole.

Lets begin,
In a nutshell, it all comes down to incentives.

Currently, Warhammer online focuses mainly on the incentives towards the player, and not the realm.

Rewarding Gold Bags from keeps, Static Influence and Renown Points.

Nothing that truly, supports, improves, or helps the realm as a whole.

It’s all about ME ME ME, and not WE.

While, it’s important to reward the player, it’s also important, to reward the realm(tier) as a whole.

We take a look back at Dark age of Camelot, and RELICS OF POWER.
YES relics did have a major issue,
being that they make one realm far more powerful then the other 2 realms.
Giving a 20% bonus in a in either MELEE or MAGIC.

How can we apply that same concept of giving incentive, and reason to engage in open field RvR in warhammer online, without throwing off the entire core blance.

Giving KEEPS, and BOS a value worth fighting for. A value, worth defending. Giving the player base the feeling of TRUE OWNERSHIP when controlling battlefield objectives.

Lets work with KEEPS before we get into BOs.

Each keep in a tier will have stat improvement value attached to it, and have the keep itself act as a RELIC of power. Also, the Stat value is only based on keeps and BO’s in a CONTESTED zone.

The 3 Major Stats will be MELEE DPS, RANGE DPS, and HEALING

Also Each pairing will have its specific stat improvement assigned to it’s keep in a contested zone.

Dwarf vrs Greenskin = 5% MELEE DPS to each keep
Empire vrs Chaos = 5% HEALING to each keep
H-ELVES vrs D-ELVES = 5% RANGE DPS to each keep

When a realm controls a keep, the realm(within that tiers level range) will gain the stat enhancement applied to them, in open field RvR/PvE content.

The stat enhancements will not apply in scenarios.

So if ORDER takes Controls 1 keep in Thunder Mountain, 1 Keep in Dragonwake, and 1 keep in Praag, Order will have +5 improvement to MeleeDPS, rangeDPS, and healing.

If Order only has control over 2 keeps, in Thunder Mountain, they will gain a 10% bonus to melee DPS damage.

Now that we have given VALUE to keeps, it’s time to balance things out for the “underdog”. Allowing the realm which has less controlled keeps in a tier to have a fighting chance.

How we do this is also simple. When a Realm controls 6 keeps, and gaining the stat enhancements for each of those keeps. The strain of supplying those 6 keeps troops with resources causes the realm to suffer as a whole.

In turn, Each keeps will be 50% weaker. Having 50% less hit points on the door, 50% less guards patrolling.

- Doors have 50% less hit points
- Guards Patrols have 50% less units
- Lord has 50% less champion Guards
- Lord has 50% less hit points

If a Realm Controls 5 keeps, the strain will only be a 25% reduction instead of 50%

This allows one realm to focus on controlling 4 keeps, without taking a Resource strain hit. And gives the “underdog” realm a solid fighting chance to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

So that’s Keeps, and incentive for the realm to control and defend a keep.

Now lets take a look at BOs, Being that these are easier to change hands, they will have very different bonuses rewarded for controlling.

BO’s will offer tier wide XP/RP bonus for each one controlled. If your realm controls all 3 of the same TYPE of BO, it will be rewarded with a bonus % increase.

Take a look at this Chart to better explain
1x 2x 3x
AG 3% 6% 10%
MG 3% 6% 10%
HB 3% 6% 10%
DB 3% 6% 10%
12% 24% 40%

Also on top of the XP/RP rewards for controlling a BO, the BO will also reward with a minor improvement in some 2ndary stats.

1x 2x 3x
AG-crafting 3% 6% 10%
MG-sell/buy/coin 3% 6% 10%
HB-wounds 3% 6% 10%
DB-armor 3% 6% 10%

And last but not least, Artisans Gift & Merchants Gift will spawn MURDER BALLS. Which would allow the players to detonate themselves against keep doors for MAJOR damage.

Now that we have a clear understanding of Realm Rewards, lets see how we can improve the incentive to DEFEND a keep or BO that your realm currently has controlled.

We know from PART 1 of this podcast, in order to to trigger Zone domination, and thus locking the zone, a realm is required to control each keep, and battlefield objective.

This makes defending each BO and KEEP valuable. But where is the value for the player standing around twiddling his thumbs?

Based on the proposed Victory Point Changes, every 10 mins, Claimed Keeps, and BOS produce 5 Victory Points for the controlling realm.

Which is also when the player gets rewarded for Defending a Claimed Keep, or BO.

Every 10 mins, when the Victory Points tick, the claimed keep, or BO, will also Tick Renoun/Inf Points for everyone in the the radius of that objective. So you are being rewarded for defending.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, these simple adjustments to the game, will be the first of many steps in the right direction in improving Warhammer online, and making it the great game we all want it to be.,