Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warhammer Shutting down overseas..

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"Dear "Warhammer Online" players Hello

To uphold the principles of quality players the game better, "Warhammer Online" in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will be the agent operation June 17, 2010 termination, and information services, and transfer all the players to "Warhammer Online" North American server. To thank the players for your continued support, we will be open free of charge in the smooth operation of the last month of play, and delivery to the U.S. version of each account the number of days a month free offer. Here is "Warhammer Online" shift to the timetable and related measures of simple instructions:
Transfer services? ?U.S. Edition

Warhammer operations in Taiwan and the EA team will provide Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao jointly role players account information and transfer services to the U.S. version, all who have registered "Warhammer Online" the game account of the players, as long as the 4 / 22 to 5 / 20 period, will transferred to the U.S. version of the role of pre-transfer server - Chinese Temple Mount, the system will be 5 / 20, the role of data automatically transferred to the U.S. version of the server and make an account integration. U.S. version of the new server is expected to open in early July.

Player Notes: U.S. version of "Warhammer Online" game to take all the English interface. For the transfer of players in Taiwan will be the sustainable use of the information server to June 17, free game can continue to use the account during the game. However, Taiwan version of the player's account information with the role of the lock will be on May 20, the U.S. version of the role of the state after the resumption of account will also be on May 20 shall prevail.
? ?Free game time

Operations team will also 5 / 20 after the stop point deduction to 6 / 16 games during free time, so that all who have registered "Warhammer Online" the game account of the old players free access to the "Warhammer Online" the game.

Player Notes: Free game time, game progress will not be transferred to the U.S. version. Account information and role players will be locked on May 20, restart the server account on the new role of the state after May 20 will also be subject to.
?Schedule? transfer service

* 04/22 open transfer all server roles
* 04/22 Warhammer goods shelves
* 05/06 to stop stored value
* 05/20 stop point deduction
* 05/24 points conversion applications open
* 06/17 All services offline

Finally thank you once again the player to "Warhammer Online" has long been supported also expect to continue in the U.S. version of your journey, thank you!

"Warhammer Online" Sincerely, trading team

Are we to see this same fate in the states? when will the dev team finally see what we are constantly telling them? If they want this game to survive, it needs to have an oRvR focus.

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