Monday, April 5, 2010

1.3.4 Scenario Rewards Feedback

No fancy Video Podcast this time around folks.


It’s great that you the developers are finally taking strides to have an open means of communication with your player base. However, there still seems to remain a large disconnect in the content you are providing and the way you are providing it. And a lack of improvements to systems created long ago, which in turn are causing many of the issues we see today in 1.3.4.

Instead of taking the old systems already embedded in the game and improving them, you constantly seem to add additional mechanisms that don’t flow or work hand in hand with anything previously designed into the game.

In 1.3.4 you decided to create yet another currency system. This one to try to create a greater desire for players to engage on Scenario content and earn some High end RvR based weapons in the process. While it’s all fine and good. To want players to part take in different aspects of the game. Going about it in a way which completely requires the player to abandon every other aspect of the game and grind out scenario after scenario in order to attain those much needed and somewhat required weapons is not enjoyable.

Do to the systems design, players are left confused, and frustrated with the game as a whole. Speaking as someone from a very active and strong guild on the iron rock server. Whose focus point is OPEN RVR. We are finding ourselves alone out in the lakes. With all the combat happening in the Scenarios which we do not enjoy, we find ourselves drifting further and further away from the game.

Lets work on a solution to the current insignia system, while at the same time improving an already developed system in the game.

First lets look at what is the current system and rewards for Open RvR and Scenario RvR.


-Fused Insignias(random value of 1-3) + Officers Insignias(value based on end score of sc)

-XP Reward

-RP Reward

-Crest From player drops

Open RvR

-Influence from player kills ( tied to pairing )

-Influence from keeps and Bos (tied to pairing)

-Crest from Keeps

-Armor from Keeps

-Crest from Players



Now what can we do to make a perfect system that is intergrated perfectly and smoothly within both systems, but yet still allows a player to get rewarded from Scs? It’s so simple really.

New and Improved RvR Influence System!

First we remove(convert) the current insignias in the game to each be worth 100 Influence Points. The higher the Insignia, the more it is worth(until they are completely removed from the game, but this is just the transitions effect.

Next, we no longer have an Influence bar, but yet it’s a form of currency that is constantly building up from all things you do in RvR just like now, except it has no cap, and is not tied down to any specific pairing. So as you kill players, take Bos, take keeps, lock zones, do scenarios, you earn influence points. Different things yield different values of influence.

Keeps: Depending on keep Level AND 5 star rating(determines how defended the keep is)

-Level 0: 50

-Level 1: 100

-Level 2: 200

-Level 3: 300

-Level 4: 400

-Level 5: 600

-Level 7: 700

-Level 8: 800

*x1 Influence Per star on the keep. (Based on how many stars on a keep, will multiply the[ inf ] x [ star ]. level 4 keep(400 inf) x 3x star Def = 2000 inf

Battlefield Objective: Per Tick inf reward

100 For Cap, 100 for Lock

Player kills would still be worth what they are currently worth(which gets divided base on how many players are engaged on the target in the fight etc etc).


-Influence Rewards are based on the final end score of a Scenario.

-Wining Realm gets 2x their final Score. (so if a realm wins a SC with 500, they will be rewarded 1000 influence points)

-Losing Realm gets 1x their final Score.

-Player kills are still worth the same inf value as in open RvR

Now that we have the means of which players earn RvR influence we can now finalize the system by making all the RvR weapons(and current Influence weapons, items and armor) all appear on a RvR Influence Rewards Merchant.

All gear has Renown Ranks attached to them, and based on the level of the weapon determines how much influence points it cost to perchance the items. These items should remain costly. But just not AS costly.

All gear can be sold back to the NPC for 50% of the total influence points it was worth(this allows for players to still work towards upgrades at a reduced rate.

I feel this would be the perfect solution to the mistakes created with 1.3.4 and still allows the player base to take a large part in ALL things RvR related, and be rewarded equally for taking part in the games content, and not having to focus down on 1 aspect of the game in order to advance.

Hear my plea mythic, please for the love of the game, and for the love of your player base, Make changes to the game which welcomes us to WANT TO KEEP PLAYING!.

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