Thursday, April 15, 2010

RvR Influence & the Insignia Extermination.

The introduction of the Scenario Focused Rewards has created negative outcome in the overall state of the game. Players are forced into a Grind to earn the Scenario Only insignia currency. Which creates rift in the RvR lakes that players just don’t have the incentive enough to close.

If we take a look back to Patch 1.1A that introduced Open RvR incentives. It added a system that encouraged and drove players to flood the RvR lakes in order to earn those rewards. The influence rewards at the time rewarded players for taking part in the open RvR lakes, until of course you filled your influence bar and the incentive was then removed.

Now we are left with multi incentive systems that yet again, don’t work hand in hand with each other, but instead draw players apart of each aspect of the game. Having to dedicate themselves to one over the other because one has a greater incentive then the other.

Warhammer needs define itself in what it’s content is. If it is indeed a RvR game, then it should reward RvR equally for taking part in RvR. Whether that be from killing players in the Open RvR lakes, to taking keeps and battlefield objectives from the opposing realm, or even from taking part in the PvP action in scenaros.

We need one system that unifies everything. And with that, I propose this idea.

RvR Influence:

A system that rewards the players for doing RvR.

How it works is pretty straight forward. The game currently already has an influence bar in each of it’s RvR lakes. However, each of those Influence Bars are all stand alone, they don’t really work with each other. They promote doing RvR only in that set zone, instead of just doing RvR in any zone, anywhere.

So we need to change influence to a currency. That connects all the RvR a player does, and rewards them for it. Giving Value and worth to the players that play the game.

Now, lets explore and improve the values of inf within the RvR world:

-Player Kills: 100 Inf (diminishing returns as well as divided based on the amount of players engaged on the target)

-Battle Field Objectives: 100Inf Points per BO Tick

-Keeps: Depending on the Keep Level and the amount of Defenders/Attackers determines the value of the inf reward.

-Level 0(unclaimed keep): 50inf

-Level 1(claimed keeps automatically get level1): 100inf

-Level 2: 200 inf

-Level 3: 300 inf

-Level 4: 400 inf

-Level 5: 500 inf

-Level 6: 600 inf

-Level 7: 700 inf

-Level 8: 800 inf

Then based on the amount of defenders/attackers at the keep, will determine the mulitplyer based on the amount of “Stars” on the keep. (attackers and defenders should see different stars. Defenders would see more stars if there are many attackers on the keep. Attackers would see more stars if there are many defenders in the keep)

-1 Star: x1

-2 Star: x2

-3 Star: x3

-4 Star: x4

-5 Star: x5

the RvR influence reward will take place when the keep is won. And the score will be based on

[Keep level] x [ star level] = Inf reward

So a level 6 keeps, that had 5 star defenders would reward the attackers:

[Level 6] x [5star] = 3000 influence Currency.

That gives the basic idea how RvR influence would work In the RvR lakes.

Next step would be to apply RvR influence into the games scenaros:

Currently, you are rewarded Insignias for taking part in scenarios, you get a random number for winning and for losing. And rewarded bonus random Insignias for some other random crap. No one really knows the exact values. We just know, it’s all random. We need to change that, You need to be rewarded for not only winning, but for your effort to putting some points on the board.

As stated before Player kills are still and always will be worth 100inf and divided based on how many attackers were engaged on the target. So keep that in mind when doing the scenario math. That is you work on killing players. You get rewarded for killing players.

And also, the final score your team has in the scenario will determine your realms overall Inf score per person. If your realm is the Winning realm, you will gain x2 your teams final SC score.

So if you are playing serpents passage and your realm loses the SC with a score of 350, everyone in the losing team will gain 350 Inf. If your team wins the SC with 460 score. Your realm will gain [460] x 2[Win multiplier] = 920 Influence per person.

Now that we have those base values out the way, lets adjust the currency cost for all the Scenario Weapons, and just called them RvR weapons.

Example A:

1hander Weapon of RR34 currently cost 335 Officer insignias. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 33500 Influence.

2hander Weapon of RR34 currently cost 670 Officer insignias. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 67000 Influence.

Example B:

1hander Weapon of RR45 currently cost 555 Officer Insignia, and 320 Conq Insignia. With the adjusted influence system, this weapon will now cost 87500 Influence. (adding up the officer and conq insignia cost together to determine the cost of the actual item.

With that solution in place for the RvR weapons, we can now apply the same solution for RvR Armor Sets.

Example C:

Annihilator Armor current total cost of Officer Crest: 650 Officer Crest

-Boots: 90 Officer Crest

-Gloves: 50 Officer Crest

-Shoulders: 130 Officer Crest

-Helm: 170 Officer Crest

-Chest: 210 Officer Crest

Under the Influence reward system, we can see the price adjustment to follow

Example C1:

Annihilator Armor total cost: 65000 Influence

-Boots: 9000 Influence

-Gloves: 5000 Influence

-Shoulders: 13000 Influence

-Helm: 17000 Influence

-Chest: 21000 Influence

Conq Set would be as Follows

Conq Armor total cost: 123000 Influence

-Boots: 18000 Influence

-Gloves: 13000 Influence

-Shoulders: 23000 Influence

-Helm: 28000 Influence

-Chest: 33000 Influence

-Belt: 8000 Influence

This will help unify all the RvR rewards into an easy to understand system that will allow you the freedom as developers to easily add new gears and items at different rates based on the power of the item.

Now it’s all fine and good, what do we do about the current insignias and current crest in the game today? I also have a great solution for that.

Insignias no longer drop in the game. Ever. And all current insignias can be traded in for a rate (Officer Insignia as the baseline, everything below it gets adjusted accordingly) 100 Influence per insignia.

Crest however, will continue to drop in the game. And act as extra incentive to take part in the games content that officers these Crest. Player kills, Keeps, Forts, City Siege. The difference here, is that These crest retain their value in the Influence conversion.

Example D:

-Officer Crest can be sold to the merchant for 100 Influence

-Conq Crest can be sold to the merchant for 500 Influence

-Invader Crest can be sold to the merchant for 2500 Influence

-Warlord Crest can be sold to the merchant for 12500 Influence

-Royal Crest can be sold to the merchant for 62500 Influence

These changes would be in my opinion a change that would unify all forms of RvR in the game, and allow players to enjoy all aspects of the game, and be rewarded properly for them.

So there you have it mythic, a completely thought out system that closes the rift in the game that much more.


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  1. Aion much, no thanks.

  2. How exactly would it turn into Aion? Besides, this wouldn't be much of a bad change considering how easy people have had it with getting Royals & Warlords.

  3. I think it would be a good idea. Using only Inf would encourage the playing on both oRvR and SC (as you need them to flip zones for added Inf). The amounts and what not could be adjusted to what the community feels fair, a good trial and error approach. But I completely agree, the SC exclusive rewards pull a lot of players away from the lakes.

  4. Awesome ideas, really hope mythic could implement something like this!

  5. Played this game from the very start and really think this is a great idea. This would give a free scale for alot of things.

  6. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple