Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Testpigs Old Wishlist

-Fix Horse Mounts: Footsteps are to strong of a sound effect, need to be adjusted

-Add More Mount Types, Have mounts be class specific instead of just race

-Remove Mounts from Scenarios (at least in tier 1 and 2, but i wouldn't mind if they are removed as a whole) Scenarios are supposed to be "balanced" matches. Mounts give an unfair advantage in reaching cap points.

-Server lines going directly through RvR Pools, This is possibly the worst placement, and a fix that will never happen. But can the serverlines be moved so that each RvR lake is in it's stand alone Area. And the serverline is just outside the RvR lakes(near the high walls).

-Map Interface: Allow players to add "point of interest" Or even, just any place that has a name on the map, which you discover, gets labeled on the map. a simple bullet point, with the name of that spot, is all that is needed.

-Fix Travel Between pairings/chapters/warcamps: Give us DAOC style pony rides from Chapter to chapter to warcamp. Traveling right now is the worst possible thing in this game.

-When grouped with someone not in your current zone, please label which zone they are in within their group icon

-Please Add new weapon style Graphics. Even if it's just taking graphics from another races weapon to add to your own. Every single 2handed Axe i use looks exactly the same.

-Make all merchants worth while: any craft items/weapons/armor sold to a merchant(s) should be able to be purchased by the player base from any merchant(sort of like a huge network of stores). This will also give Value to the now worthless Gold we all have.

-Add RvR Quest to Capture Objectives - That reward both XP and Renown

-Remove Siege Weapon NPCs from warcamps, and place them in Objectives. This will give reason to attack and defend objectives. And require objectives to be capped before a keep can "really" be attacked

-Ease up on the Respawn for Guards at all keeps: it's hard enough as is to take a keep, with an insanely hard hero, and a few defenders. Once the Doors are Cracked open, all outside guards should no longer spawn

-Reward the Realm for HOLDING a keep, Add a Merchant that Sells the Bags(or exact items) the Keep Lord would normally drop on death. These bags/items will only appear after a set amount of days/time as pasted.

-Fix the msg stating the Keep lord is under attack, when only 1 patroling guard was killed.

-Fix the map warning to only become active when the keep doors are damaged to 95%

-Please Keep Adding Quest throughout each chapter, more quest the better(this should be a constant thing most MMORPGS don't work on, which is adding more content to the previously created world)

-Fix the XP reward from those "traveling NPC" killing 25 wolfs, getting spider silk, killing a squig, etc etc.. they only reward 150xp. It's alot of bloody walking for just 150xp, you can discover a new location and get more xp then that. Xp should scale as you level for the reward

-Increase the XP for each mob killed(double it please)

-Give some Renown for any Mob killed in RvR lakes(objectives/keeps/random mobs)

-All Named Mobs to all Drop some form of worth while loot.

-Add a Small Scale PQ feature for those areas that are just far out and lonely for the solo exploring player (stage 1, kill 10 kittens, stage 2, kill 4 harder kittens, stage 3, kill the mother of all kittens! (she would be a champ mob, so still able to solo). A nice easy rewarding PQ that you don't need a quest for, and you can repeat it all day.

-All heros mobs to drop 4 Bags of various colors.

-Improve the Warhammeronline website to show more active ingame status, Make the website as indepth as the DAOC website was, with showing top players, top players of set class, top players of set class within set tier, etc etc. we want more details.

-Add Shared Vault between account

-Adjust the Backlash/combustion on the Sorc/bright to proc based on the damage dealt, instead of the theorical damage to be dealt. (so if combustion happens on a dot, % of dot damage per tick instead of doing one major damage at the cast of the dot. Combustion should only happen if damage is dealt and for a % of what is dealt (did i just repeat myself?)

-Add a "buddy list" window, that shows our friends, and also allows us to have seperate conversations with them in it's own window

-Give the option to unlock the character paper doll window. Heck, let all windows/bags be moveable througout the screen

-Change Quest icon colors based on level of quest according to the players level. from purple, red, green, white.

-Add Group Quest, and label them as such(or look below for a nice fix)

-Add Feature "Bonus kill" to All quest, which will require a near by NAMED Champ mob of the same type for certian quest to be killed aswell. This kill would be optional for the player/group. But if defeated, the player/group will gain double the XP reward when handing in the quest.

-Add Kill Collectors For Each type of Mob needed in for Stage 1 PQ's for that Chapter.
So if i have to kill 500 Zombies for Pq 10, there should be a nice Kill Collector XP reward waiting for me when i return to the camp.

-Ultima Online Rune book style Transportation/recall stones. Allow the player base to add "recall stones" to our tome. These stones can be transferred, passed, and sold to players. When you shift+click the stone, it will show you the map marker for where the stone is bounded to. Stones should not be able to be bound to RvR lakes.

-Remove the "loading" screen after death. It wasn't in the beta, so i don't understand why it's currently in the

release. The only reason there should be a loading screen is when going between zones/scenarios. Dying/telephoning within the same zone, should just instantly port over, OR Fade in and out to black.

-In the Temple of Marsh Scenario(tier 2) Please change the rules of engagement, that the points for holding the

relic is only scored as the relic remains held in the center region of the map (king of the hill style). Adjust the center building so that is has tunnel paths within it so it promotes more intense combat. Currently, each realm just runs back to their spawn points, so they get a constant influx of reinforcements. Not fun, nor balanced.

-The option to Hide armor parts (and have it be a global visible change). So i can for example, hide my left shoulder guard. So everyone just sees me as having 1 shoulder. or one boot, or one glove, or no glove visible.

-Shorten log out/quit timer when in a "safe" zone(anywhere you get rested from).

-Objectives: Fluff: cool factor, Please have objectives tie into seige.
example: Barak Varr (Dok Karaz) keep.


-Iron Clad: Has a large cannon, When the attacking realm controls the Iron Clad, the cannon will turn, and aim towards the keep
-Ligth House: Has a huge light beam. when the attacking realm controls the light house, the light beam will shine towards the keep.
When both of these objectives are under control of the attacking realm, They will point the light at the keep, as a target beacon. And the iron clad, will fire it's cannon at the keep. Bringing the door down to 25%, and all counter seige attached to the keep down to 25%.
When the defending realm controls both light house and iron clad. The cannon will fire AOE damage at all the seige pads on the floor. doing 25% damage each attack. The cannon would fire once every 5 mins.

Seige Weapons
-Allow us to still see our warband/group health status while running seige

-Allow us to still use/view the chat when on seige

Startup Screen
-Change the way the Startup screen works, so that you can see All your characters per server instead of just the 1. It's a wasted Step in the login process, i might not want to play the LAST char i played, just show them all to me, with a quicker login method.

-improve logout/quit perfmance. If i want to quit, it should take 10 seconds max of "countdown timer" and it should quit. It shouldn't hang for another 45 seconds.

-Logout should take 10 seconds (5 seconds if in a safe zone).

-Navigation between Server Select Screen, Character Select Screen needs to have a better flow, right now, all those screens seem rushed. If you can laythings out better to lessen the ammount of steps needed to finally get to play would be helpful. Have the Server list, on the same screen as the Char select screen. Server list to the Lefthand side, you click on the server, it shows your characters on the right. You click one and play.

-Reduce the total server count by 50%. far to many servers. Increase server caps! Daoc was able to have like 3000 players per server.

-Add Renown Items for each level of Renown.

-kill collectors should collect player kills aswell. So you show up with 1000 player kills.. you get a nice nice chuck of xp from it.

-GROUPING XP, remove the XP reduction when joining a group. Allow players to retain full XP when killing a mob in a group. If a mob is worth 500xp, allow the player and each player in the group, to gain 500xp, instead of dividing the XP between the 6 group members, forcing them each to only gain 83xp. If you fix XP gains, you will have more players grouping, and more players actually taking part in PQ's. Players are avoiding PQ's because 1: you are reqired to have a group to complete it. 2: you get less XP when in a group. 3: famring 150 mobs solo is not fun.

So if you just remove the XP block more players will group, more players will do PQ's more players will enjoy the game. Currently this game feels very much like a solo MMORPG.

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