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Victory Points & Zone Domination, Open RvR



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Hello, and welcome to a video podcast on warhammer online. The goal of this podcast is to show, explain, and promote a positive and constructive change to Warhammer online Age of Reckoning.

In this video, we are going to discuss a 2 Major Changes that can change warhammer online into the Great Game we all want it to be.



lets begin.

What is it, and how can we make it better?
Currently(patch 1.2), Victory Points are based off some crazy percentage of PvE content (quest & public quest) Scenarios, Skirmish Kills in Open RvR and Battlefield Objectives(such as keeps and BOs).
This method tends to discourage players do to not giving static numbers to inform them if they are contributing to the Victory Points of the realm.
It also tends to makes to many of the methods used to “lock” a zone a tedious and in many cases an unrewarding time-sink. Such as ZONE DOMINATION, which requires constant unrewarding vigilance for a minimum of 2 hours, in a zone which can be long abandoned.

We all know the issue, waiting inactively(not being able to do PQ,s turn in Quest, Join Scenarios, to push the VP bar)for the final Keep to tick down with the Zone Domination timer. Just to have a Small group of the opposing realm to Contest a Battlefield Objective that was slightly undefended. Whats worst, is even if they don’t capture the Objective, and just place it in an contested state, the Zone Domination timer, STILL reset to 30 mins. Victory point system, and Zone domination, work in complete oppsite ways of each other to complete the same goal. It’s like Traveling the World West, just to get East. When you just could have went East to start off with.

This is not fun, this is not war.

Now, How can we make it better? First we need to Make Victory Points important again, and also change the definition of Zone Domination. Allowing them to work together side by side, for the common goal. Also need to assign values to anything a player will do with a set number. So the player knows that they have just contributed to the VP of the realm. Lets Break it down.

The Victory Point Value for allowing Zone Domination to take place is
1000 Victory Points

There are many things the player can do to earn VP in order to reach 1000, PQ’s, Quest, Skirmish kills, Scenario Victories, Keeps, and BOs.

Each of these will have a set value. Each time they are successful.
Quest: 1VP
PQS: 2VP 4VP 8VP (based on the challenge of the PQ)


So as you progress in the game, within a contested zone, engaging on all of the aspects of the games content, from PvE, to RvR, you will notice the VP BAR adding up, everything all the players are doing, and rewarding the realm with victory points. This brings back the method of WAR IS EVERYWHERE. Each and every player is contributing to the war effort.

That gives you the basic VP value and how to acquire it, now lets get into GENERATING VP, This is the Big. The VP that you throw all your marbles into, Open RvR Keep and BO control.

Lets go back, to the baseline of needing 1000 Victory Point for Zone Domination to even be Triggered(keep in mind we are changing the definition of ZD).

Lets also start off with a Clean Slate in a freshly contested zone. Each Realm controls 1 keep, and Zero Bo’s

And for discussion purposes, to make this process easier to understand, we will just focus on 1 keep, and lets say it’s control by Order.

ORDER has 180VP. For controlling the keep

Over time, that keep will start to generate Victory Points(Less VP if not claimed). Every 10 mins, that claimed keep will produce 5VP for the realm that controls it. For a MAX of 70VP generated ( 2hours 20min of VP generation time) making the keep value after 2hours and 20mins worth 250vp for the controlling Realm.

Now if Destruction, comes around, and bangs on those doors, captures, and claims that keep. Destruction now gains 180VP(the keeps core VP value), and order drops to 70VP.

However, that 70 VP is bound to the ownership of the keep, so, every 10 mins, destruction will gain 5VP. And order will Lose 5vp every 10 mins.

The same properties apply to Battle Field Objectives, the only difference is that the core value for each BO is 60vp with a max value of 130vp.

Now that we got an adjustment made to the Victory Point system, lets see how Redefining Zone Domination works along side Victory Points.

Zone Domination: Currently means, waiting 2 hours after you have captured all the Keeps and Objectives in the RvR lake, in order to flip the zone. How we redefine it is simple.

Zone domination: Having Control of All keeps, and BO’s with a VP score of 1000. And also, the ONLY way to lock a zone.

This means, you are required to have 1000 victory points, AND control over each Battle Field Objective, and Keep. Which will trigger zone domination to take effect, and thus, locking the zone in favor of your realm.

To note, even if you have 1000 VP, but still don’t control all the Objectives, or Keeps, the zone will never lock in your realms favor. You are required to Capture everything. This allows BOs to have much more defined value then ever before.

This proposed method of Victory Points and Zone domination will be the first step in improving the idea of WAR IS EVERYWHERE, and warhammer online as a whole.

PART 2 will discuss, open RVR incentive, Objective Control, Relics of Power


post feedback on how to improve the VP system...

post feedback on the video..

just to add: with this propsed method of VP, a realm can still cap the zone with just controlling the keeps and BOs for a prolong prd of time(just like zone domination) view the math below

After 2 hour (120 mins) a realm that
control both keeps and all 4 bos[ if they took each objective perfectly
at the same time that is] Would have a total of:

[b]240(keep 1) + 240(keep 2) + 120(bo1) + 120(bo2) + 120(bo3)+ 120(bo4) = 960 VP[/b]

Welcome back, i hope you enjoyed the last video.
The changes proposed in this podcast will closely relate to the changes posted in the previous video. They work hand in hand with each other to improve the game as a whole.

Lets begin,
In a nutshell, it all comes down to incentives.

Currently, Warhammer online focuses mainly on the incentives towards the player, and not the realm.

Rewarding Gold Bags from keeps, Static Influence and Renown Points.

Nothing that truly, supports, improves, or helps the realm as a whole.

It’s all about ME ME ME, and not WE.

While, it’s important to reward the player, it’s also important, to reward the realm(tier) as a whole.

We take a look back at Dark age of Camelot, and RELICS OF POWER.
YES relics did have a major issue,
being that they make one realm far more powerful then the other 2 realms.
Giving a 20% bonus in a in either MELEE or MAGIC.

How can we apply that same concept of giving incentive, and reason to engage in open field RvR in warhammer online, without throwing off the entire core blance.

Giving KEEPS, and BOS a value worth fighting for. A value, worth defending. Giving the player base the feeling of TRUE OWNERSHIP when controlling battlefield objectives.

Lets work with KEEPS before we get into BOs.

Each keep in a tier will have stat improvement value attached to it, and have the keep itself act as a RELIC of power. Also, the Stat value is only based on keeps and BO’s in a CONTESTED zone.

The 3 Major Stats will be MELEE DPS, RANGE DPS, and HEALING

Also Each pairing will have its specific stat improvement assigned to it’s keep in a contested zone.

Dwarf vrs Greenskin = 5% MELEE DPS to each keep
Empire vrs Chaos = 5% HEALING to each keep
H-ELVES vrs D-ELVES = 5% RANGE DPS to each keep

When a realm controls a keep, the realm(within that tiers level range) will gain the stat enhancement applied to them, in open field RvR/PvE content.

The stat enhancements will not apply in scenarios.

So if ORDER takes Controls 1 keep in Thunder Mountain, 1 Keep in Dragonwake, and 1 keep in Praag, Order will have +5 improvement to MeleeDPS, rangeDPS, and healing.

If Order only has control over 2 keeps, in Thunder Mountain, they will gain a 10% bonus to melee DPS damage.

Now that we have given VALUE to keeps, it’s time to balance things out for the “underdog”. Allowing the realm which has less controlled keeps in a tier to have a fighting chance.

How we do this is also simple. When a Realm controls 6 keeps, and gaining the stat enhancements for each of those keeps. The strain of supplying those 6 keeps troops with resources causes the realm to suffer as a whole.

In turn, Each keeps will be 50% weaker. Having 50% less hit points on the door, 50% less guards patrolling.

- Doors have 50% less hit points
- Guards Patrols have 50% less units
- Lord has 50% less champion Guards
- Lord has 50% less hit points

If a Realm Controls 5 keeps, the strain will only be a 25% reduction instead of 50%

This allows one realm to focus on controlling 4 keeps, without taking a Resource strain hit. And gives the “underdog” realm a solid fighting chance to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

So that’s Keeps, and incentive for the realm to control and defend a keep.

Now lets take a look at BOs, Being that these are easier to change hands, they will have very different bonuses rewarded for controlling.

BO’s will offer tier wide XP/RP bonus for each one controlled. If your realm controls all 3 of the same TYPE of BO, it will be rewarded with a bonus % increase.

Take a look at this Chart to better explain
1x 2x 3x
AG 3% 6% 10%
MG 3% 6% 10%
HB 3% 6% 10%
DB 3% 6% 10%
12% 24% 40%

Also on top of the XP/RP rewards for controlling a BO, the BO will also reward with a minor improvement in some 2ndary stats.

1x 2x 3x
AG-crafting 3% 6% 10%
MG-sell/buy/coin 3% 6% 10%
HB-wounds 3% 6% 10%
DB-armor 3% 6% 10%

And last but not least, Artisans Gift & Merchants Gift will spawn MURDER BALLS. Which would allow the players to detonate themselves against keep doors for MAJOR damage.

Now that we have a clear understanding of Realm Rewards, lets see how we can improve the incentive to DEFEND a keep or BO that your realm currently has controlled.

We know from PART 1 of this podcast, in order to to trigger Zone domination, and thus locking the zone, a realm is required to control each keep, and battlefield objective.

This makes defending each BO and KEEP valuable. But where is the value for the player standing around twiddling his thumbs?

Based on the proposed Victory Point Changes, every 10 mins, Claimed Keeps, and BOS produce 5 Victory Points for the controlling realm.

Which is also when the player gets rewarded for Defending a Claimed Keep, or BO.

Every 10 mins, when the Victory Points tick, the claimed keep, or BO, will also Tick Renoun/Inf Points for everyone in the the radius of that objective. So you are being rewarded for defending.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, these simple adjustments to the game, will be the first of many steps in the right direction in improving Warhammer online, and making it the great game we all want it to be.,

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